Introductory coaching offer

As I’m in the process of finalising my transformational coaching diploma and registering with the International Coaching Federation, I’m offering all new coaching clients three free sessions.

What you can expect from me

We can use these sessions to explore where you want to be and kick start you on your journey to get there. You can also use them to see if coaching is something that will truly benefit you.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve enjoyed about coaching is someone spending time listening fully to me and really hearing what I’m saying, and that’s what you’ll get from me in these sessions. I’ll ask questions and you’ll have time, space and attention to explore that which is important to you.  

The coaching sessions are around 50-60 minutes long (either via Skype/FaceTime or in person) and I’ll also check in with you between calls/sessions to see how you’re doing.

Following this, I charge £35 per session or £150 for a block of 5 sessions paid in advance, which again, includes a 50-60 minute call/in person coaching conversation and e-mail support as needed.

These prices are substantially below what other coaches charge and I thought it would be helpful to explain the reason why this is. 

Firstly, I’m in the process of completing my coaching diploma, so my cost is reflective of that. Regardless, I intend to continue charging within this region when I qualify because my main motivation for coaching is to help people and so I want my cost to be low enough to allow access to most people. 

If the cost is prohibitive to you accessing my coaching, please contact me as I offer a reduced rate for students or those on benefits. 

What you need to bring

Coaching is such a transformative process, one which has brought such radical change in my life. But it’s not for the lukewarm or the faint hearted. If you want to step forward in your life – be it with love, work, friends or yourself – you’ll need to be prepared to go deep, be real and speak your truth, no matter how hard it is.

Your journey with me will be truly exhilarating and you can rest assured that I’ll be there to support you along every step of the way.

Fill in the form below to book a free 30 minute session to explore what coaching can do for you. I can’t wait to hear from you!